About Us

We are UCCVR - Ultimate Creators Create Virtual Reality. As the name implies, our mission is to help outstanding innovative thinkers in the field of virtual reality to realize their dreams. Confronting the challenging business environment in VR / AR, we have a community consisting of technology enthusiast and technology experts, with years of practical experience and industry resources, as well as first-class infrastructure, and hope that more pioneers can benefit from this to come up with products that impact more people.

Our Team

Allen Foo


With 20-year extensive knowledge & experience of strategy development for emerging markets & new products entry. Before UCCVR, Allen founded Unity China & grew the Unity market share in China 3D engine market to >75% as China developers exceeded US as Unity WW #1 market in 2014.

Fiona Yang


Fiona brings a wealth of consumer marketing & business operations experience, spanning over 20 years with great consumer insights of both international and local Chinese market. Fiona was the former SVP of Hylink Advertising Digital Group.

Lyndsay Chen


Having more than 20 years of experience in foreign listed companies, Lyndsay has served as the financial head of corporations in Europe and the United States for more than 15 years. He has a deep understanding on both the management and operation of foreign enterprises and Sino-foreign joint ventures.

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